Robert Gale



BSc(Hons), MSc, MPA, PhD, GAICD

Sustainability Economics, Science & Management

Robert has over three decades of academic and practitioner experience in environmental management, sustainable development and socio-economic evaluation. His experience at the interface of human and natural environments includes Director, Conservation Incentives & Design, Australian Government’s Department of Environment; Principal Policy Economist, NSW Department of Primary Industries; and Manager, City of Toronto’s, Environmental Protection Office. Robert has taught Business Management for a Sustainable Environment in the UNSW AGSM online MBA degree and in the MBA and MA/MSc Programs at Royal Roads University, Canada, where he was a professor in the Environmental Programs division.

Robert’s capabilities include:

INDEPENDENT EXPERT REVIEWER - State of the Environment Reporting; Co-benefit assessment of carbon farming grant applications; environmental management and sustainability reporting strategies

INTEGRATING SUSTAINABILITY INTO BUSINESS STRATEGY – Facilitating understanding that sustainability is a strategic business issue for business clients

REPORTING ON LEADING CIRCULAR ECONOMY PRACTICES THROUGH COMPANY INITIATIVES – Demonstrating shared value creation in sustainability solutions through corporate reporting practices

DESIGNING GREEN BUDGETS & GREEN GROWTH – Applying natural capital accounting principles to promote economic incentives for conservation & socio-economic wellbeing outcomes

GUIDING CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY MATERIALITY ASSESSMENTS & PERFORMANCE – Evaluating corporate accounting and reporting on Triple Bottom Line (TBL) or Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) performance.

EVALUATING NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT OUTCOMES – Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting on indicators of biophysical and socio-economic wellbeing.

PROMOTING CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION PLANNING –  Working with local councils to consider climate risk information and adaption plans for preparedness.