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Sustainability Reporting! The COVID-19 pandemic won’t end anytime soon. It’s re-ordering risk priorities which will require a #Materiality Assessment ‘refresh’, and it’s making communications more difficult which will require the integration of Stakeholder Engagement into day to day operational processes. The 2019/20 #SustainabilityReport won’t be like the 2018/19 report, and the 2020/21 report will be different yet again.

Contact GRI Certified Training Partner, Next Level Sustainability, if you need assistance producing your Sustainability Report or for on demand OR scheduled ONLINE training to develop your expertise: #CSR #ESG #TCFD

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Next Level Sustainability brings you training on how the SDGs link to the GRI Standards on both goal and target level. Also learn about the available business actions and possible disclosures for each SDG target. Details of this GRI Certified Online & Webinar Workshop are at:
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The world's largest investor, BlackRock, is pressing companies and stock exchanges to set a global standard for the disclosure and auditing of climate change risks.

- AEMO? More gas generation not needed
- CSIRO? Gas generation = expensive electricity
- Economists? Gas extraction creates very few jobs
- Scientists? Gas incompatible with our Paris goals
- Investors? Gas has bad returns. No $.

Politicians? <Ignore experts> MORE GAS!


Five global organisations, whose frameworks & standards guide the majority of #sustainabilityreporting, have announced a shared vision for progress towards #ComprehensiveReporting & the intent to work together to achieve it. @CDP @CDSBglobal @theiirc @SASB

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