Sustainability Consulting:

Integrated Science, Economics & Policy

The contemporary process of developing sustainability requires the integration of science, economics and policy through frameworks, tools and policy decisions.

Frameworks include, for example:

  • Green Economy
  • Intergenerational Equity
  • Natural Capital/Other Capital
  • Sustainable Development Goals

Tools include, for example:

  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Standards
  • Economic Instruments
  • Fuller Cost Accounting
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Pressure-State-Respose (PSR) for State of the Environment Reporting
  • Regulatory Design
  • sustainability

Policy includes, for example:

  • Paris 2050 Commitment - Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through zero carbon and renewable energy strategies
  • The EU Circular Economy Package to using less natural resources through green economy principles and circular economy design
  • Creating less waste through circular economy design
  • Reduce social disparities through policy instruments
  • Achieving better returns on natural, human and economic capital investments
  • Standards development
  • Legislate against modern slavery in the workforce