Circular Economy

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Circular productivity in a linear world

Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Disruption. It's all present in the circular economy. Don't get left behind!

A Case Study Approach

This scheduled online course on How to Report Corporate Circular Economy Strategy and Practice adopts a case study approach to examine circular economy initiatives at selected companies from around the world.

The course, delivered over five weeks, includes weekly analysis of circular economy practices at four different companies.

In addition, there is a weekly Q&A Webinar, which is also recorded for later viewing if you are unable to join in live.
Circular Economy

Is this course for me?

The course is for you if need to learn about, or seek information on, how organisations report on their circular economy practices. If you are managing an organisational circular economy initiative, or writing up current practice, this course will cover the do's and don't of reporting and guide you through the steps on how to produce an effective report.

In terms of learning and skill development, the learning objectives for the course provide you with answers to the following questions:

  • How and where do organisations report on their circular economy practices?
  • What do they report, and how do they report it?
  • Do they report a credible account of their interests and achievements?
  • Is their report disclosure based on transparency, accountability and responsibility?
  • Does the reporting reflect well on the organisation (for example a business or local government council)? And,
  • What are the good and bad examples of reporting on CE practices?

Course Structure

Module 1. Who Cares about the Circular Economy? Evidence from Business Practice!

Module 2. What Practices are Discussed (Part 1)? The Evidence on Innovation: Circular Supply Chain, Product as Service, Extended Producer Responsibility, Other Considerations.

Module 3. What Practices are Discussed (Part 2)? The Evidence on Innovation: Industrial Ecology, Resource Recovery, Other Considerations.

Module 4. What Analytical Techniques are Identified? Fuller Cost Accounting; Life Cycle Assessment; Ecological Footprinting; Other Considerations.

Module 5. How are CE Practices Communicated? Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting; Objective Disclosures, Other Considerations.

We'll Cover These Questions

Each week we examine reported information on corporate Circular Economy practices as well as address the following questions:

  1. Is the Circular Economy linked to Business Strategy?
  2. Are the Circular Economy Practices about the Supply Chain
  3. Product as Service, Extended Producer Responsibility, Industrial Ecology, Resource Recovery, or something else?
  4. Do the Circular Economy practices involve a circular economy method such as Life Cycle Assessment; Fuller Cost Accounting; Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting?
  5. How well is Circular Economy information reported?

Optional Extra: Advice on integrating circular economy initiatives into corporate strategy. Personal Coaching, Mentoring & 90-Day Action Plan.