Benefits of GRI Reporting

Benefits of GRI Reporting

The GRI Standards for Sustainability Reporting provide a one-stop standardized approach to reporting which benchmarks organizational performance and demonstrates organisational commitment to sustainable development.

Organisations applying the GRI Standards report a range of internal and external benefits including:

Internal benefits include:

  • Improving Vision and Strategy
  • Strengthening Management Systems
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Motivating Employees

External benefits include:

  • Building Reputation and Trust
  • Attracting Capital
  • Strengthening Stakeholder Engagement
  • Identifying Competitive Advantage

Who should attend?

Whether or not you already have experience in sustainability reporting, GRI Standards training is relevant professional development training if you are involved in organisational performance.

For experienced practitioners the training is an opportunity to step outside daily practice to review, improve and discover leading practices, and to engage with a sustainability reporting community outside your own organisation.

If you are new to sustainability reporting or new to the reporting team, or if your organization is thinking about preparing a report but doesn’t know where to start or how to take the first step, this training is ideal for you. It will not only develop your skills in a standardised approach to sustainability reporting, it will also show you through case study practices what other organisations are reporting.