Avoiding Modern Slavery

Avoiding Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is among the most urgent human rights risks across corporate value chains, harming workers and potentially leading to reputational, legal and financial risks for companies. Businesses are facing increasing pressure from governments, civil society, media and investors to address the issue and promote transparency. In addition to the legal requirements and expectations from stakeholders, there is a business case for reporting on modern slavery.

How GRI can help:

The GRI Avoiding Modern Slavery Toolkit helps companies prepare their reporting to avoid modern slavery risk. It includes:

  • Information on key modern slavery reporting legislation requirements;
  • Support on how to go beyond legal compliance, in terms of due diligence reporting and disclosing how companies evaluate their actions across the value chain;
  • Examples of current reporting practice, together with others tools and guidance that businesses can access

GRI chief executive Tim Mohin said:

“There are growing expectations on companies to identify any incidence of modern slavery in their operations and value chains and report on the steps they take as a result. The GRI toolkit on Modern Slavery will help businesses to increase their efforts to address these serious human rights concerns, safeguard the wellbeing of workers and manage financial, legal and reputational risks.”

Including Modern Slavery in your Sustainability Report

Disclosing the approach of managing modern slavery as a material topic communicates an organization’s commitment and systematic due diligence efforts to identify, prevent, and mitigate, as well as how it investigates and remediates cases of modern slavery.

Once modern slavery has been identified as a material topic, the GRI Standards provide a framework for reporting on the respective management approach.

For reporting on management approach, the current expectations of key stakeholders such as governments and benchmarking initiatives include companies disclosing information that highlights policies and standards established to tackle modern slavery, related training, risks, and specific actions taken.